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A Dub Walker Thriller #3

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2013 Benjamin Franklin Silver Award Winner (Mystery/Suspense)

2012 USA Today Best Book Award Finalist (Thriller)


Murder is never as simple as the motive. There are too many loose ends, and when Dub Walker uses his expert knowledge of forensics and criminal behavior to solve the crime, you'd better be ready to RUN TO GROUND. Doug Lyle takes fear and revenge, adds a bucket of greed, and gives us a wild ride to the finish!---David Morrell, NY Times Bestselling Author of FIRST BLOOD

A first-rate thriller! RUN TO GROUND delivers the goods: great characters, fine investigative details and the kind of nail-biting action that leaves you rapidly flipping the pages, breathless to discover what will happen next!---Lisa Gardner, NY Times Bestselling Author of the Detective D.D. Warren thriller series

RUN TO GROUND boasts an intriguing premise, memorable and engaging characters, and the kind of technical gems that make Doug Lyle’s non-fiction forensics books such essential reading. Crisp, page-turning prose, nicely witty banter, and some genuine surprises. Highly recommended---Zoë Sharp, author of the best-selling Charlie Fox crime thriller series

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