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Jake Longly #3

COMING MAY 21, 2019



In SUNSHINE STATE, Jake Longly and girlfriend Nicole Jamison are confronted with the most bizarre case yet. Serial killer Billy Wayne Baker now denies that two of the seven murders he confessed to doing are actually his work. An anonymous benefactor, who believes Billy Wayne’s denials, hires Longly Investigations to prove Billy Wayne right. Yet, Billy Wayne confessed. Not only did he have the motive, means, and opportunity, but also DNA connects him to each murder.

Jake, Nicole, Ray, and Pancake travel to the small Gulf coast town of Pine Key, where three of the murders occurred. The local police, the FBI, and the state prosecutor and crime lab each did their jobs, uncovered overwhelming evidence of Billy Wayne’s guilt, and even extracted a full confession. Is Billy Wayne simply trying to tweak the system, garner another fifteen minutes of fame? Is it all a game to him? But, if he’s being truthful, is there a killer out there getting away with murder? Who? Why? Most importantly, how?

Nothing is as it seems in the Sunshine State.


A serial killer hires PIs Jake & Nicole to prove he didn't commit two of his many murders. It's another ingenious story from D.P. Lyle, told with his trademark cleverness, intelligence, and wickedly sexy sense of fun--Lee Goldberg, #1 New York Times bestselling author of TRUE FICTION

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“. . . medical specialist Lyle provides suitably gossipy small-town atmosphere, straightforward plotting, a likable, wisecracking hero, and, of course, solid forensics . . .”—Kirkus Reviews

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Sunshine State sizzles with just the right mix of action and mystery, a rollicking roller-coaster ride on a track lined with thrills and spills. The return of Jake Longley and Nicole Jamison crackles with pitch-perfect dialogue and Doug Lyle's traditional textbook plotting. While a bit darker than the previous entries in the series, Lyle sprinkles in enough light to make this a devilishly entertaining thriller that is not to be missed.— Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of the Caitlin Strong series and Murder, She Wrote series

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D.P. Lyle is a master.
Sunshine State has more laughs and sideways moments in each chapter than you’re likely to find in an entire novel by anyone else. The smartest, funniest thriller I’ve read in years.

Jake Longly, a modern Lew Archer, with enough experience to know better but with a big enough heart to still get himself into trouble, is a character who would be right at home in the pages of novels by Carl Hiaasen, Elmore Leonard or Tim Dorsey. But, he’s also a true original—smart, funny and self-aware—someone you’d love to grab a beer with, assuming he doesn’t get killed first.

This series is the most fun in print today.—Tim Maleeny, bestselling author of Stealing The Dragon and JUMP

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The release of a new DP Lyle book is a highlight of any
year, and SUNSHINE STATE is his best yet! This is one of those rare novels where everything in your life stops untilyou read through to the end. Jake Longly rocks!--John Gilstrap, author of the Jonathan Grave Thriller Series. 


SUNSHINE STATE Book Review Crew Review

In this newest installment of the Jake Longly series, Jake is faced with his most bizarre case yet. Longly Investigations is hired by an anonymous benefactor to prove that notorious serial killer Billy Wayne Baker only committed 5 of the 7 murders he confessed to. The investigation brings them to a small coastal town of Pine Key, Florida, where 3 of the 7 murders occured. What they uncover here is more than they expected.

Lyle is a savant of description, never leaving out any detail, fully immersing you in the storyline and the lives of his characters. The suspense built slowly and carefully, only giving a small hint of the truth at a time. I kept guessing until the very end, and I was still wrong! I love that while this is a series, the author gave enough back story that it can be read as a stand alone novel. I highly recommend this book. Heck, I highly recommend this author in general.

SUNSHINE STATE Indie Forword Review

Reluctant but effective PI Jake Longly journeys to a sleepy Florida town to prove that a murderer didn’t commit all of the crimes credited to him. Billy Wayne Baker—a self- confessed and convicted serial killer—professes that he only killed five people. Longly and his allies discover that Baker’s MO demanded one kill per town before he moved on to the next—but in Pine Key, three women were murdered. Longly and his girlfriend adopt documentarian personas to ascertain if Baker is playing games or if someone used his killing spree as a cover. 

The unlikely premise becomes an interesting hook for Longly Investigations, whose team focuses on determining which of Pine Key’s seemingly benign citizens had the means and motive to take advantage of Baker’s killing spree. Longly and crew’s cover allows them to interview and investigate without raising flags until they uncover key evidence. Another murder occurs, leading to a satisfying climax. 

This mystery is the third in its series, providing strong context and characterization to entice new readers. The relationships between the major characters build well, with subtle callbacks to previous adventures. Longly anchors the story alongside his girlfriend and PI father. 

The social dynamics of Pine Key steal the spotlight. Following Longly’s investigation provides ample opportunity for humanizing and casting doubt on several of the townspeople, and multiple suspects rise to the top, even though the team struggles to find proof. Snappy dialogue, fantastic scene setting, and polished prose set the action without hampering the pace. 

Sunshine State is an enjoyable murder mystery filled with heart and humor. JOHN M. MURRAY (May/June 2019)

Sunshine State Booklist Review

As serial killers go, Billy Wayne Baker could out-nice even Ted Bundy. Those who meet him and live use words like pleasant and engaging and note that "he even has small hands." Hard to believe he murdered seven women. Billy Wayne claims he didn't— there were no more than five. He had to confess to seven, he says, to avoid the death penalty. Now he wants those two taken off his list, so he asks author Lyle's series hero, ex- baseballer and unconfident PI Jake Longly, to uncover the truth. 

Jake and his cohorts—lover Nicole plus a pal named Pancake plus Dad, who's a real PI—travel to a picturesque village on the Gulf Coast, only to find that the evidence of Baker's guilt is overwhelming. The investigation, the evidence, the autopsies—all were flawless. Of course, it unravels, thanks in part to a chance conversation accidentally overheard. Meantime, readers are asked to tag along on a genially sybaritic investigation oiled by Blanton bourbon, R & J cigars, and Louisiana po’boys. It's all told in appropriately low-key prose. Until the finale, that is.--Don Crinklaw

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