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Jake Longly #5

COMING October 2021


Jake Longly is hoping for a few weeks of fun with Nicole in the warm Orange County, CA sun—The OC, baby—before hopping up to LA for the filming of Nicole’s sure-to-be-a-hit screenplay. But on arrival they discover that Nicole’s friend Megan Weatherly, a small-market local TV reporter, has picked up an anonymous stalker. Megan thinks he’s simply an infatuated fan but Jake and Nicole, as as well Megan’s new intern Abby, also a past stalking victim, think he’s potentially dangerous. As the shadowy man escalates his harassment, becomes more threatening, and circles closer and closer to Megan’s world, Ray and Pancake arrive. Are Ray’s past military black ops experience and Pancake’s computer skills enough to expose the predator in time? 

The stalker is no fool and likely has past experience. He makes no mistakes and manages to cover his trail completely. So, how do you identify and locate the untraceable? How do you protect Megan from a potentially lethal phantom? 

Suddenly the sunshine and safety of The OC seem more facade than reality. Jake and crew must punch through that facade and dig into the dark world of celebrity stalking. The clock is ticking.


A terrific read. Retired major league baseball player turned restaurateur turned reluctant and wisecracking P.I. Jake Longly returns in fine form in The OC, a poignant and wickedly funny tale set in Southern California. When Jake and his movie-producer girlfriend, Nicole Jamison, head to Orange County for a little R and R, they get more than they bargain for. Nicole's friend, TV-reporter Megan Weatherly, has picked up a stalker. Jake and Nicole pick up the case with help from Jake's PI-father and longtime pal, Tommy "Pancake" Jeffers. Jake and Nicole banter like Tracy and Hepburn as they develop a plan and pursue the bad guy. D.P. Lyle's prose is stylish, smart, and compelling. Another grand slam in an immensely entertaining series. Highly recommended. -- Sheldon Siegel. New York Times best-selling author of the Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez novels.

"Witty, charming, and exciting crime story that rockets to a blood-chilling climax. Make some popcorn, grab a cold drink, and settle in for a fast, single-sitting read.”--Lee Goldberg, #1 New York Times bestselling author

© Douglas Lyle 2015