06: Writing Modern Crime Fiction

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10-16-18: Criminal Mischief: Episode 06: Is It Harder To Write Crime Fiction Today? 

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Is It Harder To Write Crime Fiction Today? Notes:

Do modern forensic science and police investigative techniques make creating compelling crime fiction more difficult? Are there simply too many balls to keep in the air? Too much to consider? Or is now little different from then?

The Past, the present, and the future

Forensic Science timeline—-a fairly new discipline

Basic Science, then Medicine, finally forensic science

Personal ID

West Case
Facial recognition
Behavioral Profiling

Prints, ABO type, DNA, DNA Phenotype

Fingerprints—-then and now

Vucetich—the Rojas case
Stella Nickell Case
Touch DNA
Touch Toxicology


From arsenic to GC/MS

Blood Typing

ABO can exclude but not ID


Familial—Grim Sleeper case
Phenotypic Analysis


Cell phones, computers, emails, texts, VMs


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Familial DNA: http://www.dnaforensics.com/familialsearches.aspx

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Is DNA Phenotyping Accurate: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/how-accurately-can-scientists-reconstruct-persons-face-from-dna-180968951/

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