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The Art & Science of Crime Fiction

Hosted by DP Lyle

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Crime fiction and criminal investigations are equal parts art and science. Creating compelling crime stories that ring true requires attention to character, plot, POV, voice, and so much more as well as an understanding of forensic science and criminal investigative techniques. Join me and let’s explore all things crime, fictional and real.


SHOW NOTES for each episode might help you follow the discussion and prep you for more research


2018/8-6: Episode 01: Murder Motives

2018/8-21: Episode 02: Cause and Manner of Death

2018/9-4: Episode 03: The Time of Death

2018/9-18: Episode 04: POV in Crime Fiction

2018/10-2: Episode 05: Making Characters Compliant

2018/10-16: Episode 06: Writing Modern Crime Fiction

2018/10-31: Episode 07: Famous and Odd DNA Cases

2018/11-13: Episode 08: Mood and Tone in Crime Fiction

2018/11-29: Episode 09: The Mysterious Human Brain

2019/1-8: Episode #10: Rattlesnakes and Murder

2019/1-22: Episode #11: Limb Pit and Infectious Diseases

2019/2-4: Episode #12: Fentanyl—A Most dangerous Game

2019/2-19: Episode #13: Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

2019/3-5: Episode #14: Rules Of Writing

2019/3-19: Episode #15: Introducing Characters

2019/3-19: Episode #16: Arsenic: An Historical and Modern Poison

2019/4-16: Episode #17: DNA and Twins

2019/4-30: Episode #18: Gunshot To The Chest

2019/5-14: Episode #19: SUNSHINE STATE Is Coming

2019/5-28: Episode #20: Elements of a Thriller

2019/6-11: Episode #21: Autopsy of a Thriller

2019/6-25: Episode #22: Common Medical Errors in Fiction

2019/7-16: Episode #23: Apollo 11 & Me

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