Thorne and Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! Interview
Authors on the Air Network (2-22-18)

Crime Corner Interview (1-19-18)

DIY/MFA Interview (1-3-18)

Silk and Antrim Show Interview (12-16-17)
Main Street Radio Network
(My part begins at 15:30)

Suspense Radio Beyong The Cover Interview (12-12-17)

MJ Magazine Interview with Fran Lewis (12-11-17)

MJ Magazine Interview with Fran Lewis (11-9-17)
“How To Create A Proper Crime Scene and Scene Investigation”
With Larry Thompson, Michael Tabman, and Bruce Coffin
Thursday, November 9, 2017, 7 a.m. Pacific

Suspense Radio Interview (10-7-17)
With Maddie Margarita and Steven Jackson

Thorne and Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! Interview Part 2 (1-5-17)
Authors on the Air Network

Suspense Radio Interview (8-6-16)
(My portion begins at 1:00)

Authors On the Air: Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! (8-4-16) 

“What Were They Thinking?: The Planning of the Perfect Murder”
Video Webinar (6-13-170

Sisters In Crime, Atlanta

Authors On the Air: Thrill Seeker Radio with Alex Dolan (4-26-16):

Suspense Radio (3-5-16):
(My portion begins at 30:00)

Annenberg Radio News: The Science Of Murder (4-2-15):

Suspense Radio (8-30-14):
(My portion begins at 1:01)

The G-ZONE (7-22-14):

Crime Scene Interview with Jim Harold (2013)

Suspense Radio (8-25-12):
(My portion begins at 30:00)

Suspense Radio (3-24-12):

Psychology of Character Motivation Interview
Novelist, Inc Conference (10-15-10)

Suspense Radio (8-25-10):
(My portion begins at 30:00)

Medallion Press Radio: Action Interview! (4-1-10):
(My portion begins at 14:45)


Finding Your Voice-Killer Nashville Magazine (4-18-18)

Kings River Life Interview (4-7-18)

Mysteristas Interview (1-26-18)

Author Interviews Interview (12-27-17)

Find Your Voice
Southern Writers Magazine Suite T (12-13-17)

A Dose of Humor
Mystery Readers’ Mystery Fanfare (12-11-17)

Finding the Humorous Edge
The Big Thrill (12-1-17)

ITW Thriller Roundtable: Can An Infectious Disease Take the Role of Antagonist in a Thriller? (11-27-17)

5 Ways To Find Your Voice
DIY/MFA (11-10-17)

ITW Thriller Roundtable: Do Names Reflect the Character of the Character? (7-23-17)

A Most Famous Christmas Killing
Le Coeur De L’Artiste (12-6-16)

Dialog Is Tricky
Type M For Murder (11-19-16)

Small Town Crimes; Small Town Cops
Small Town Cops II
Mystery Readers Journal, Vol 32, No.3, Fall 2016

When Researching Forensics, Remember To:
Le Coeur de L’Artiste (9-25-16)

Le Coeur de l’Artiste Interview
Le Coeur de l’Artiste (8-15-16)

Dying Is Easy, Comedy Is hard. Or Is It? 
The Big Thrill Interview (6-30-16)

Laughter Is Good Medicine 
Mystery Fanfare (6-29-16)

Kick-Ass Women Characters 
Rogue Women Writers (6-18-16)

Understanding Mitochondrial DNA 
Jennifer Chase Blog (2-26-16)

Why Do Physician Authors Write Thrillers? 
The Write Transition (2-22-16)

The CSI Effect
Mysteristas (2-19-16)

The Questions I Get
Forensic Mysteries
Mystery Readers Journal, Vol 31, No. 4, Winter 2015-16

Under the Microscope: Time of Death, Part 1 
Killer Nashville Magazine (3-9-15)

Under the Microscope: Time of Death, Part 2 
Killer Nashville Magazine (5-1-15)

Speaking With D.P. Lyle
Le Coeur de l’Artiste (12-15-14)

Huntsville Stories: Then and Now; Real and Imagined
South Huntsville Living (2014)

What If?: The Crucial First Question
Auntie M Writes Blog (7-27-14)

Don’t Do This: The 3 Most Common Medical Mistales Writers Make
The Thrill Begins (7-24-14)

Snake Handling and Jesus: What Could Possible Go Wrong?
Blogaholic (6-18-14)

The Things You Learn Doing Research 
Janice Gable Bashman Blog (2-9-14)

Medical Malpractice in Mysteries and Thrillers
Medical Mysteries
Mystery readers Journal, Vol 29, No. 4, Winter 2013-14

5 Things to Know About Hollywood Script Consultant, Thriller Writer, Huntsville Native 
Huntsville Times (8-9-13)

The Questions I Get 
The Big Thrill (5-31-13)

Hang In There, Baby, & You’ll Find Your Story
The Thrill Begins (4-18-13)

Short Stories, Novels, What Ifs, and Skip Tracing
Legal Mysteries
Mystery Readers Journal, Vol 28, No. 2, Summer 2012

The CSI Effect
Poe’s Deadly Daughters (12-10-11)

Can Too Much Forensic Science Smother Your Fiction?
Crime Fiction Collective Blog (7-1-11)

Can Too Much Forensic Science Smother Your Fiction?
RT Book Reviews (6-10-11)

Modern Crime Fiction: Cool Science or Hot Characters? Janice Gable Baseman Blog (6-7-11)

In The Handbasket Interview
Notes From the Handbasket Blog (6-4-11)

The Big Thrill Interview
The Big Thrill (5-31-11)

Cassy’s Corner: The Incredibly Generous D.P. Lyle, MD
Mysteries and Margaritas Blog (7-21-10)

Author Exchange Interview
Author Exchange Blog (7-2-10)

Five Scribes Interview
Five Scribes Blog (5-4-10)

Physician, Friend, and Mystery Man, Doug Lyle
Women In Crime Ink (4-13-10)

Hook ‘em and Book ‘em Interview
Hook ‘em and Book ‘em Blog (3-29-10)

Accessory To Crime
Jungle Red Writers Blog (5-6-10)

Medical Thriller Author Guest
Beth Groundwater Blog (3-10-10)

Forensics For Fun?
Doc Gurley Blog (8-30-09)

Billy, Natasha, and Lethal Head Injuries
Arkansas Identification News (6-29-09)
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Margie Lawson Blog (2009)

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